The Significance Of The Different Medical Scrub Colors

Curious about why hospital staff wear different colored scrubs? Each color has a specific meaning! Connect with a top nurse uniform manufacturer for quality medical scrubs in your desired hues.

White scrubs symbolize cleanliness but are hard to maintain due to stains and can cause eye strain. Thus, despite their appeal, they are now less commonly used.

Green scrubs became popular as they reduce headaches caused by white. This calming color lowers blood pressure and is also commonly used on hospital walls.

Blue scrubs are popular for their soothing effect, reducing blood pressure and anxiety. This color also signifies honesty, strength, and stability.

Medical students favor black scrubs for their polished look and easy maintenance, though the color can dampen moods.

In conclusion, each scrub color serves a unique purpose, from soothing patients to enhancing mood or signifying cleanliness. Choosing the right color can enhance both functionality and atmosphere in medical settings.