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3 Unique Ways to Style Your Flannel Shirt This Winter

It’s soon going to be the winter season, the season of snow, hot drinks, bonfires and flannel shirts. Why flannel? Because they are timeless tops that look good on everyone! The flannel shirt manufacturers in USA have even come up with a splendid collection. However, sometimes even the most beautiful pieces can feel stale, unless you find some unique ways to wear them.

So if you are a flannel shirt lover who’s looking for fresh ways to wear them then all you need to do is follow these 3 best tips given below!

With the sleeves rolled up

One of the admirable things about a flannel shirt is that their buttons open up a lot of possibilities for style. With the help of the 2 button adjustable cuffs, just roll up the sleeves and turn your shirt from heavy duty thermal gear to indoor wear. This makes your shirt look fresh and both men and women can pull off this look with some great confidence as your best accessory.

The 90s look

Yes, the 90s are back and big time! This is your chance to relieve the greatest time of history. As winter is slowly approaching, use this opportunity to wear the flannel shirt like a cardigan as if you are back in the 90s era! All you need to do is wear it over a plain white tee and keep it unbuttoned. For a better look you can even don a classic jean jacket over it!

Dress it up

Want to dress it up? Just tuck your flannel in and add a belt. Never underestimate the power of nice clean footwear. In order to add a bit of modern flair to it, make sure to try out different kinds of heels, boots and flats. A marvellous ‘without much effort achieved’ look would be a loosely tucked flannel shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and ballet flats. If you happen to be a skirt lover, then you can also tuck your shirt inside a leather skirt!

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