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Clinic Look For Doctors: 5 Weekend Special Styles

There are some fun ways to dress for the weekend clinic for docs! Check out how to get it done:

Formal shirts

Yes, formal shirts are one of the first things that comes to mind when you imagine doctor clothes. A plain white shirt, with a nice watch, a doctor robe and a stethoscope around the neck. A quick Sunday morning clinic look can have a plain blue shirt, with formal navy blue trousers. You can either go full length or you can find out half sleeve shirts, tucked into your trousers, highlighting the belt acting as a strand.

Polo shirts and a watch

Wearing the right watch is always one of those things which can simply bring out the best in a dress. You can find out more about this trend by simply googling – sexy doctor dress! Kidding, don’t google that. But you can try it out yourself, wearing a solid band around your wrist can accentuate the flowing colors that a polo can offer!

Casual formal

A casual formal look can also be the motif. This time, you can take a black shirt, and a black blazer, followed with a darker formal pant and wear it with the right amount of shades. This means simply keep it minimal, or else the dress will not burst into the possibilities it is supposed to.

Doctor robes

Doctor robes over a regular formal attire is a benchmark doctor look, and if you want to find out find out about how to wear it with robes you can simply find out a minimal color and try to layer it with the robe, wear black shoes, and try to accent on your trousers, add it with the dress and make it look appropriate for the job.

Home clinic look

Home is where you can spread your arms and wear pyjamas without worrying about how you look. Though for a doctor, home can be their clinic, and at your work, you can’t be underdressed, it hampers performance. This is the reason you need to make sure if the home look consists of a sharp suit, with a tie layer on a shirt, with cufflinks attesting to the small details. Make sure you are wearing sharp colors, and something that is comfortable too!

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