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Color Psychology Behind Uniforms Will Make You Choose The Best

Nowadays every industry uses the concept of uniform to have equality among the staffs, but just choosing a random uniform is out of trend. Color and style is the most essential part in choosing a right uniform as color creates strong emotional feelings. Hence different industries naturally gravitate towards specific colours.


Engineer’s uniforms are usually blue in color as it represents trust, responsibility, relaxation, loyalty & reliability. Though it doesn’t stand out from the crowd, yet has the capacity to gather an emotional response. The color can quickly gain their clients’ trust very quickly. Along with this, beauty salons adopt blue uniforms to encourage a relaxed, soothing atmosphere. Nursing and care staff wears predominantly blue as the emotions it evokes are entirely linked to trust, responsibility and reliability, exactly the traits you would want from care givers.

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Red is associated with energy, action, passion and positivity. It immediately grabs ones attention and stimulates our emotions. It creates an aura of confidence. Interestingly, studies have found that the color red stimulates our appetite. As a result, it is often used in restaurants. A word of caution, red can also be seen as an aggressive color, so balance it out with another color such as blue to create the right impression.

Red uniforms from industrial uniforms suppliers will often be seen on staff that needs to be seen as confident and positive. The iconic steward’s uniform is a prime example. Another industry who will prosper from red uniforms is the hospitality trade, due to its ability to stimulate appetite.

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Green is the color of nature, and thus is associated with growth, healing, renewal, balance, vitality, the environment and calmness. Fascinatingly, green is also associated with listening and understanding. Hence it is the perfect color for anyone who works in the open like Gardeners, landscapers, farm workers etc. Also anyone is working with animals such as vets and zoo staff.

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Black is often seen as a tricky color as it has two meanings. It can be seen as negative and oppressive. However, when it comes to business it’s also stylish, glamorous, dignified and evokes feelings of security, authority and control. Black is a popular uniform choice for those who protect such as the police and security guards, as do many retail and corporate companies who wish to attain that glamorous, stylish look.

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There are of course a multitude of other colours available at work uniforms Australia and other countries. This guide will help you during choosing and placing uniform orders. Along with fancy vibrant colors, take into consideration the psychological response to colours alongside the personality of your company and customers.


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