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Get To Know The Proper Use Of The N95 Mask!

When an epidemic of infectious disease happens, we depend on healthcare professionals to care for those impacted, putting themselves at higher risk of exposure to the pathogen resulting in the disease. Whilst administrative and engineering controls must the primary considerations to defend these workers from this exposure, facilities must also make sure that at-risk staff is ready to use respiratory protection, amongst another personal protective guard, must the need arise.

On the other hand, awareness is essential during an epidemic of disease, healthcare workers who might be called to care for COVID-19 patients, must the requirement arise in the future, must be fit tested if achievable, medically assessed, and training must be ongoing. To help with these awareness efforts, here are reminders about correct respirator selection from the n95 mask manufacturer as well as use.

Proper use, fit and filtration

Three major criteria are needed for a respirator to be efficient:

  • The respirator filter requires being highly efficient at grasping particles that seep through it.
  • The respirator should fit the wearer’s face comfortably, i.e., form a seal to reduce the number of particles that evade the filter through gaps between the wearer’s skin and the respirator seal.
  • The respirator should be put on and taken off properly before and worn all through the exposure.

Although it might seem apparent, it is worth repeating that if the respirator is not donned or used correctly at the time of exposure, it will not keep the user from coming into contact with harmful particles. When properly worn, minimal leakage happens around the corners of an N95 respirator when the wearer inhales, making sure that the wearer’s breathing air is being directed via the filter material. Employees that are supposed to use respirator protection should undergo training, medical clearance, and fit testing, which are all needed elements of a healthcare facility’s written respiratory protection program.

During times of tremendous supply restraints, when there might be restricted availability of fit test kits or respirators, the company might face difficulties in fit testing workers. The company must make every effort to make sure that workers who required using tight-fitting respirators are fit tested to recognize the correct respirator for every worker.

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