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How Do You Deal With Size Issues In Staff Uniform Rollouts?

When it comes to maintaining a large team’s uniforms, the intricacy of achieving consistent size across a variety of uniform components may be the most stressful aspect of the garment industry. And it’s confusing, annoying, and can result in a huge number of returns for your personnel.

The size and fit of the clothing will vary depending on the manufacturer, regardless of the size tag it bears. And if the fit is wrong, so is the appearance!

Why is “uniform fit” so difficult?

Anyone with a physique is probably aware of the disparity in garment sizes. A size 10 chest measurement might vary by several inches between brands. The arbitrary numerical measurements of men’s and women’s apparel sizes vary between uniform suppliers, each with their edition of a sizing “standard.” Isn’t it complicated?

Another factor to consider is that manufacturers do not cater to all sizes.

Petite bodies, straighter or curvier, shorter or taller height, plus-sized bodies, “in-between” sizes, or anybody else who does not fit into “normal” apparel sizes are all under-represented segments of the population. Some firms make uniform selection selections without carefully considering the numerous sizes that their uniform program must accommodate.

The cost of incorrect uniform sizing

For those who believe that buying a uniform in the wrong size is only a small hassle. Consider it again. Consider the consequences of having employees who are not in uniform while the right size is being organized.

Employees in various businesses are rostered to a remote site, which necessitates the use of specialized clothing and PPE. When they arrive on-site for the first time and their uniform is ill-fitting and judged dangerous for them to execute their jobs, the employer may incur large costs in missed earnings with no result.

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With eCommerce being such a big part of our lives these days, customers have come to anticipate free returns. This isn’t always the case with business uniforms. It is the individual ordering the uniform’s obligation to guarantee the right sizes for each outfit.

If organizations do not handle the “return supply chain” correctly, the cost can quickly escalate. Unless there is a manufacturing defect, it is uncommon for a uniform supplier to pay the price of returns. Return charges might include, to mention a few, extra packing, restocking fees, personnel costs to analyze the returned products, mailing costs, and return postage.

Return-cutting strategies

There are a few approaches you may use to decrease returns in your uniform program:

  • Use a size recommendation tool to help consumers find the best fit.
  • Using video examples, teach individuals how to correctly self-measure.
  • Provide an appropriate size chart – provide a clear and easy-to-understand size chart to assist consumers in self-measuring and determining the optimum size for them.
  • Improve product information – comprehensive descriptions that highlight characteristics of the garment’s fit might be beneficial to your team when buying uniforms.
  • Invest in enhanced product images – consult with your uniform provider on the best method to market your uniform program to personnel.

Reduce returns by ordering the correct size (and fit) the first time.

How can firms overcome uniform sizing issues?

  1. Make use of internet sizing tools.
  2. Organize uniform roadshows
  3. Teach employees to self-measure
  4. Get a sizing range

Whatever technique is adopted, the end goal should be to make it easy for your personnel to buy uniforms that fit and make them feel confident. It has been proved that a confident employee who feels comfortable in a uniform they are happy to wear will perform better.

Business owners, if you want to cut down on your sizing issues too, make sure to deal with one of the top uniform manufacturers in the industry. Curate an order based on your bulk needs and don’t forget to mention customization details.

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