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How Scrubs Took a Giant Leap in Medical History?

Whilst scrubs weren’t at all times a trademark of the nursing career, nowadays they are tantamount with working and nursing in the healthcare sector. Scrubs usually consist of drawstring pants and a short-sleeved shirt that can be produced in almost any pattern or color imaginable. They got their name from their primary surgeons, wearers, as they worked in a “scrubbed” or sanitary setting.

How did the nursing uniform change from the white shoes and white presses shirts with hats shown in movies to scrubs?

The first use of scrubs

Nurses in the past wore uniforms whilst surgeons wore their outfit, something that sounds ludicrous at the moment. Post the Spanish flu pandemic in the early 1900s, medical personnel and surgeons became more cautious of how infections spread and started wearing masks to defend themselves from disease transmission. In the ‘40s, the aseptic technique became the norm in operating rooms as a way to put off bacteria or infections from spreading. White was picked as the shade for all clothing, as it emphasizes cleanliness. Any staining or dirt would right away show and serve as a cue to change or launder clothing before engaging with another patient. Whilst all pathogens don’t stain white clothing the shade was picked to serve as a useful reminder to keep clean.

Uniforms backed off from the blinding barrenness of white after the combo of white lights, white walls, and all-white clothing was found to cause eyestrain in many hospital staff and surgeons. The operating room outfit changed in the ‘60s to a green shade palette that decreased eyestrain and made stain less evident.

How did scrubs change from being workwear to uniforms?

The uniforms put into practice in the ‘70s were just one shade, green. Whilst this made scrubs much easier to order from nursing scrub manufacturers, it made it unfeasible to differentiate between jobs and departments within the hospital. Scrubs are bought in many varying shades now at hospitals as well as in healthcare environments. Next time you are visiting the hospital, you may see different shades for people working inside the emergency room, the delivery or labor ward, or pediatrics. Other places use patterns or shade to differentiate between the positions everyone holds, whether they are dietary staff, physical therapists, or nurses. Almost everyone working in a healthcare setting nowadays wears scrubs, whether they work on humans or dogs!

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