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How to Customize Your Wholesale Firefighter Uniforms

A fire department always takes pride in their profession and even more, in their protective firefighter apparel. While the uniform is primarily intended to offer protection under dirty and hazardous circumstances, its appearance is an essential symbol for the communities that firefighters serve.

If you are a fire chief who wishes to customize wholesale firefighter uniforms for your department but would like some help in the process, then before contacting one of the most reliable Fire department uniform suppliers, here are some effective suggestions that you can consider:

Application Of Emblems and Patches

The most common customization is the use of emblems and patches on the firefighter uniform. A trusted manufacturer applying these patches or emblems would choose components that are made of flame-retardant or flame-resistant materials. In this way, they will not pose melting hazards or ignition to the user. When patches or emblems are being sewn onto the garment, make sure that your chosen uniform producer uses melt-resistant Aramid thread (make a request while talking about your custom needs). The same goes for embroidery. If you decide to customize the fire clothing with specific patches, ensure to check with the manufacturer as to the efficacy or safety of your desired personalized choice. Always proceed as per the instructions of the manufacturer.

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Names Of the Firefighters on The Apparel’s Back

The next way in which you can customize wholesale custom firefighter uniforms is by sewing the names of the firefighters on their uniforms. It can be in fluorescent or retroreflective lettering. It consists of reflective materials that are usually cut into letters by either the supplier or the maker. The lettering works well with shorter names and when it comes to long names, the makers these days, have become quite creative in fitting them well into the fire apparel’s back. Some firefighter uniform producers first attach the letters to a piece of outer shell material and then sew the name tag onto the garment. This is a wise move as it makes it convenient to change apparel and alter names when required. Just like patches and emblems, lettering must be flame-resistant as well. When getting involved in the lettering installation, ensure to check with the manufacturer that the intended materials will meet the appropriate needs and are attached in a way that won’t result in the need for early repairs. The addition of pockets may seem to be unnecessary but they are required in many situations.

Inclusion Of Belts and Harnesses

The last and most recent form of customization is the inclusion of belts, harnesses, and other means to help firefighters during operations. You need to consider these options carefully.

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