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School Tiffin Ideas For Kids: What To Make Them

Kids need proteins, and it is very important that they get all the essential nutrients essential for their growth. Kids are fussy and all they want to do is make a mess and try out new things with whatever they have in front of them. If you want to make your kid finish their lunch, and bring back the box empty every time, it is important to get a snacky meal, which is not too elaborate and also has all the things they need. Check out how you can make quick protein packed foods:

Quick chicken basket

The best source of lean protein that is cheap, is chicken. And there are few kids who don’t like to devour into a drumstick. If you want to incorporate chicken into the diet, you can make boiled chicken salads with funky dressings which has a higher vitamin C content, because it tastes better, and feels refreshing after having a bite.


Make sure you are getting enough greens in your kids diet, make sure you are helping them build a diet that is all about consuming the green leafy veggies which will increase blood flow, and purify the route and also keep your kidneys healthy, which will be able to filter body fluids better. Cabbage, lettuce, peppers, kale, spinach and all the green leaves you can get, make sure you blanch it, toss it in garlic and butter, and serve it hot!

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are classifieds as class A protein, which can be induce in a meal. You can add it to their meals, by simply disguising it in powders. Make them a simple shake, with milk, banana and flax seed powder. Adding flax seed powder with milk, can be a combo that is rich in protein and calcium.

Add small notes

Adding small notes to the tiffin can make their day. You can add small notes to the side of the lunch box, small notes can uplift the mood of your younger one, and you can also bond with you’re a little better.

Banana bread

Banana bread has a lot of different shapes, and shapes are all that kids are in for. Bake banana breads in shapes that kids like, add honey instead of sugar to keep the calories in check, and since kids are more prone to developing cavity in their teeth, to curb such a problems, use sucrose instead of glucose, which will help keep a safe teeth!

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