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Security Guard Uniform Styles That Every Business Owner Should Know About

For those protecting people, property, and buildings, in other words, for the security guards, an appropriate security guard uniform is a must. Why? One of the prime reasons is that they not only help them become more professional in their work but also indirectly promote the image of the company they are working for.

Now, as a retailer or a business owner, if you are thinking about placing your order for quality wholesale security guard uniforms, then you might be interested to know about the various styles in security guard uniforms that are a hit these days, other than the classic ones. Take a look at the list below:


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  • Traditional Security Guard Uniforms

    Also known as classic security uniforms, they are the ones that are mostly worn by the guards in different organizations. It typically comprises a black or navy-blue blazer with a white shirt, a necktie, and black trousers. To clearly recognize the company or service, the blazer is often customized with a logo or patches. This particular style is ideal for daily operations and looks the most formal on the security guards.

  • Police Security Guard Uniforms

    Police security uniforms look like the traditional style to a great extent. They just have a few changes here and there. This style often comes with a tactical shirt, black pants, a black duty belt, and a peaked cap. Some manufacturers also offer duty gloves. These uniforms are pretty popular among private security services and are perfect for high-security areas.

  • Modern Security Guard Uniforms

    Modern security guard uniforms are mainly constructed to appeal to younger people. They offer a more casual feel. These uniforms often display comfortable fabrics, unusual patterns, and bright colors. As they are more breathable and lightweight, they are ideal for hot weather.

  • Tactical Security Guard Uniforms

    For situations that need a higher level of security, tactical security guard uniforms are the best. More than often, these uniforms consist of a camouflage-colored or dark shirt or jacket with tactical pants. For storing crucial tools and items, these uniforms feature extra pockets and compartments.

Irrespective of the style you are going for, make sure the uniforms are crafted out of the best materials and are designed nicely by your chosen manufacturer. An ideal security guard uniform will allow the guards to move freely and perform their duties without feeling restricted or uncomfortable.

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