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The Best Disposable Mask Buying Guide For Customers

Masks irrespective of the types are slowly becoming a central part of the new normal. Therefore, it is essential for the customers to know more about the different types of masks and where to buy it. Since disposable masks are suitable for everyday use and are easy to access as well, these can be purchased from one of the popular medical mask manufacturer in the industry.

Given in the blog below are some of the details so that you can find the premium collection of disposable masks online.

Disposable or Reusable?

The first big question that arises is how to tackle reusability of masks. Cloth masks are readily available and come in many different variants. There are certain cloth masks that have pockets to insert removable filters and this features makes the mask a lot safer. Some are just simply strips of cloth designed to cover the mouth and nose.

Disposable Masks

There are numerous types of disposable masks available online at the online store of the manufacturers. Different types of disposable masks have features that make them better suited for particular uses. Customer’s goal should be to find the right type of mask for your particular situation.

Masks vs. Respirators

Masks protect people from coming in contact with airborne droplets from the mask-wearer. Respirators, when worn correctly, can also prevent droplets and other particles from being inhaled by the mask-wearer. However, these are much more difficult to use correctly. There are several different types of respirators for different situations and face configurations.

If you are planning to purchase face masks for your retail store, then there are five important factors that you need to lookout for. These are the aspects or the features that will help you to make the correct choice before making the wholesale purchase. Generally the medically approved face masks are rated on 5 main performance metrics: Fluid Resistance, Breathability, Bacterial Filtration, Particulate Filtration, and Flammability. Based on the results, masks are rated on a 1-3 scale with 3 being the highest standard. Therefore, check in with the supplier before making the purchase for your collection.

Contact one of the FDA approved mask manufacturer and browse through the ever growing assemblage of premium face masks designed by the supplier. Drop a mail to the help team communicating your wholesale needs.


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