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The Firefighting Clothing Guide – What You Need!

Working as a fireman is a tough job, apart from putting out fire from onsite, inhaling large amounts of smoke, facing hot debris, falling objects, collapsing floors are all part of the job no one signs up for but does the duty anyway. They keep doing their jobs under dangerously narrow lines, and have fierce time constraints, a precious few minute every time to get the job done and bring everyone to safety!


It is important to know about the clothes firemen wear as it includes more than shirt and trousers, there are other elements to it, and catering to each one of them is essential. Keep reading this blog and find out what it is all about:


The first crucial thing of a fireman’s uniform is his helmet, these helmets are made using heat resistant materials which saves the wearers head from heat and falling debris. Usually, fire helmets display the name of the fire department the men are from, a yellow helmet is used by rank-and-file firefighters, red and orange are mostly worn by the captains. Chiefs wear white helmets; it is easier to distinguish this way.

Turnout jackets and pants

Turnout pants and jackets worn by firefighters are two layered which repels heat and wicks out any moisture that permeates through. These clothes are usually a brighter orange in color, reflective stripes present on either side of their jackets make them easily distinguished through smoke.

Breathing apparatus

Less of a mask, more of a machine over your mouth which constantly filters carbon concentration from a cloud of smoke, allowing the wearer to create a fresh air gap for them to breathe, these masks are the most important part of their dress. Not wearing smoke masks might end up the wearer in a fatal condition. This apparatus usually holds a mask and a hose which is connected to a tank of fresh air, for the wearer. The tank provides oxygen for at least 30 mins.


The basic glove worn by a firefighter is thick, leather made and has a good grip which helps them hold and navigate the water canon. Also, leather is a heat resistor, which helps them pick up hot debris from onsite and remove it if necessary.


Thick rubber boots with rubber soles help walk perfectly balanced, omitting the risk of slipping over wet surfaces. Most firefighting boots are reinforced with a metal object at the toe which prevents the wearer from accidentally hurting themselves from hot/heated debris.

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