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The Key Rules To Know When Your Man Is In Military Service

You may think that it’s perfectly alright to run up to your man and give them a kiss, especially when you get to see them almost every 3-6 months, but no, unfortunately not when they are in military service. They could be in serious trouble if they are in their uniform. There are a few rules or etiquette that as a partner of your military man, you should know.

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As every military branch is different, it is possible that some rules may vary but some of the most common ones are given below.

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PDA is a big NO-NO

Military men are required to stay disciplined and show true professionalism at all times, so the public display of affection can be considered wholly wrong, except for hugging and a light peck on the cheeks when there is a promotion or homecoming.

Rules regarding your man’s hand

There are also certain things that you should know regarding your man’s hand, like being in the military uniform, they are not allowed to hold hands. They can assist you to take care of the elderly but affectionate hand-holding with you will be frowned upon. Some have been allowed to do an elbow lock but it is always good to check with the rules and regulations instead of attracting unwanted attention to your man or you.

In addition to the above-mentioned rules, military men are always needed to keep their right hand free so that they can salute their seniors whenever it is required.

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The unsaid ones

There are certain rules that won’t be clearly expressed but it is better to know about them when your man wears the uniform proudly.

  • Chewing gum when your partner is in his military uniform will be considered unprofessional or lack of decency.
  • If you wear your partner’s uniform and give a picture on social media then it will be considered disrespectful.
  • The rules regarding smoking vary in different places. While some installations will allow it while standing, others strictly prohibit it while in a military uniform.

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