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The Pros Of Making Uniforms Mandatory In Public School

With each passing day, more schools across the nation are demanding uniforms in their public schools, naming school safety as their chief motivation. The one question that remains: are public school uniforms good for your kid?


Safer learning environment

Several parents and school administrators think that uniforms from a reputed school uniform manufacturer build a better learning environment at school. Firstly, several administrators claim that pupils are not as distracted by how they look, and thus, spend more time learning at school. The peer pressure of fashionable dressing with the “top” brand is eased, particularly when pupils might not wear any uniform articles from name-brand companies. This lets pupils concentrate more on their schoolwork, instead of social appearances. Also, the socioeconomic differences present amongst students are reduced when all students should wear the same school uniforms, no longer feeling the stress to fit in with the proper clothing choices.

According to school-reported stats, the obligation of uniforms on campuses has lessened tardiness, discipline referrals, suspensions, and skipped classes amongst students. Plus, with the visual uniformity present across all students, the occurrence of school pride has risen. Similar to sports team uniforms, supporters argue that dressing cohesively increases unity, pride, and a rehabilitated commitment to the school. With uniforms, a more professional tone is set in a school, encouraging pupils to take their studies more seriously.

Uniforms at school also lessen the incidence of violence, which is a massive concern for several public schools. Outsiders who do not belong on campus are easily identified, and therefore, do not pose a huge threat to the students. Plus, uniforms lessen the occurrence of cliques and gangs on school campuses as students need to just wear particular shades and uniform articles. A school might just allow yellow or green polo shirts and khaki pants, for instance, preventing students from wearing the conventional gang-identifying shades of blue and red. Accessories like bandanas, another distinguishing gang apparel characteristic, can also be gotten rid of from the school dress code. When it is harder to identify members of gangs in school, the violence and fights between rival gangs reduce.

Sadly, the decision of demanding school uniforms amongst kids is not as transparent as it may first appear. Several factors should be taken into account, from general school safe to the lack of self-expressions students might encounter with their implementation.

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