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The Top Trending Style in School Uniforms for Girls from The Celebs

Now that the new session has started and you arae thinking on  changing the style of the uniforms for your all girls school, remember, apart from comfort and quality, the style also is a major factor. It is the style and color of the uniforms which sets your school apart and help you set the proper brand identity. Be it something very modern and contemporary or something extremely classic and vintage, getting the right look of the uniforms is very essential.

Wearing the uniform as an ensemble of the history and culture of the school’s pride,  there must be a good blend of smartness and dignity and the quintessential image of  uniforms  speaks of this authoritative touch being added to the persona of the students.

The leading school uniform wholesalers are crafting the uniforms in a wide array of designs and styles and it is up to you on which one you decide on to get them crafted in bulk and delivered to your doorstep.

For your convenience, we will lend you ideas for the best designs which have been flaunted by the celebs :

The Facts of Life ,tv show, 1981

The four main girl protagonists were showed in their school days wearing light sky blue shirt with sleeveless maroon tunic and darker blue tie, with dark blue sweater . This is one of the vintage uniform styles which can be used to bring back the classical style with class and  elegance.

Clueless, movie, 1995

With the grunge trend of plaids which ruled the fashion world then,  the girls in this movie were shown wearing plaid miniskirts with white tees, plaid cardigans and over the knee socks with Mary Jane shoes. You can restart the popular grunge style by adding plaids to your school uniforms.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, TV show. 1990’s

This sitcom had Ashley Banks who flaunted a peppy school girl side of hers in  her navy blazer, polished white shirt and plaid pleated skirt hit right above the knee. The little red bow on the classic white shirt added the much needed charm. This can be a perfect school uniform which will also make your students look charming and sweet.

Saturday Night Live, TV show,1996

In this  American sketch comedy series ,  Molly Shannon wears a catholic school uniform in white half sleeve shirt and a Peterpan collar blue checked tunic , with a navy blue half sleeved sweater and a blue cute bow adorned at the neck. This happens to be a very rich uniform style.

The Craft, movie, 1996

This movie gave the decent and vintage uniform a break with something rebellious as the girls wore low cut blouses with check skirts in blue and green with non regulations t-shirts. This can be your school’s uniform especially for Fridays!

The Gilmore Girls, TV series ,2000

The dramedy television series had the girls wearing classic uniform once again :blue plaid skirt, blouse, sweater, blazer, socks and saddle shoes. This can also be crafted from one of the best school uniform wholesalers UK  companies for a decent makeover of your students.

Harry Potter, Movie, 2001

The world of magic and Hogwarts saw Harry’s female friends wearing scratchy gray cardigan, plain white collared shirt, plain skirt and striped tie  to bring on the simple yet smart style stance in uniforms.


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