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What are the Most Common Styles of Clothing Worn by Doctors?

In this article, we’re looking at the clothes physicians don every day, generating an impression of the healthcare workers we want to see. When you conceive of a doctor, you might think about somebody in scrubs, a long white lab coat, or maybe some more professional workwear from a popular doctor uniform manufacturer. The reasons that doctors groom as they do might well be related to their day-to-day activities or the role they play.

White coats

A doctor’s white coat is one of the most known items, aside from a stethoscope. White jackets make it easier for doctors to stand out from across the sea of healthcare staff.

White coats are a common style of apparel for doctors, with 3⁄4 of the workforce wearing them. The 1⁄4 who do not sport white coats are in favor of more comfortable attire and believe that wearing white coats will render patients uncomfortable.


Often worn beneath white uniforms, scrubs are the dress of choice for surgeons and nurses. These clothes allow more mobility and can be quickly washed when they get filthy. They’re still fairly inexpensive and they can be replaced as and when they get dirty. Scrubs come in several colors and designs, with blue and green being common with surgeons.

Business attire 

Business attire is a dress style embraced primarily for medical practitioners with a higher number of consulting meetings. Doctors also wear these uniforms beneath their white coats.

Business attire is often referred to as formal clothes. It is defined as the style of apparel that one would wear in an interview. To men, this means slacks and a shirt or, in certain situations, a jacket. To ladies, this means slacks or a skirt and a formal top or a long-suited coat. Although this type of dress may vary, numerous hospitals have dress codes that doctors are bound to comply with.

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