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When You don’t Conform to Gender Norms, How do you Dress Professionally: Ideating Workplace Pride!

Nobody enjoys the unpleasant, rigid clothes that professional job gear frequently necessitates. Let’s face it: we’d all like to work in our pajamas and despise the constraining clothing of the corporate world. But what if your clothing isn’t the only thing that makes you feel constrained? What if the gender roles they portray make you cringe?

We’ve all seen the images of how to “Dress for Success,” which show a masculine-looking person in a suit and a feminine-looking person in a dress or skirt. But what if you’re a female who likes to dress more masculinely? Or perhaps a man who dresses more femininely? What if you don’t identify as one of the genders? Or are there two genders? Or do you prefer neither?

Whether you’re getting ready for an interview or a major meeting with a client, it’s critical to feel and look your best while being groomed and competent. Here are the tried-and-true classics rewritten for the contemporary queer without categorizing the advice by gender.

Purchase a pair of nice and acceptable dress shoes, ideally flats.
Most job interviews demand that you wear a suit; however, you should also wear a blazer and, if necessary, a tie.
Wear clothing that is wrinkle-free plus clean. Get a lint roller and perhaps a steamer to guarantee that anything you wear looks great on you.
Avoid motifs and vibrant colors, and adhere to a neutral color pallet. Most job counselors would advise you to stick to grey, white, navy, tan, brown, and black colors.
For funky Fridays, you can bring out all the colors from your wardrobe, be it the pride-themed rainbow hues or vibrant hues.

If your issue is about the workplace dress code, enquire with HR about the provisions for gender inclusiveness in attire.

Above all, you must be comfortable in the workplace, and it is critical to follow dress rules while arriving for an interview, as well as study the dress code in any employee handbook you are provided. Determine whether the manner you choose to dress is in accordance with the company’s regulations.

Dress for Success in 2021 by determining what Success means to you.

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