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3 Types Of Medical Scrubs That You Can Buy

The medical profession demands doctors, nurses and medical staffs to wear appropriate uniforms while working in the facilities, such as hospitals and clinics. These help identify them as members of the organization, and also serves to keep the place clean and organized. Suitable uniforms also boost the image of the medical facility. These also instill a sense of well-being and respect in patients and their families. Scrubs, an essential component of medical outfits, are no longer those boring green pieces of clothing. Medical uniform suppliers provide them in different variations, and you may consider buying these 3 types of medical scrubs for your clothing store customers.

Maternity Scrubs

These are usually available in light colors, such as light yellow and orange. These are designed for women expecting a delivery, while within a medical facility. Such types of scrubs let expectant mothers get more comfort while also looking stylish at the same time. This is the time when women need to keep clean and be comfortable. They are also visited by friends and family members. Naturally, clean and stylish scrubs are what they need.

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Cartoon Printed Scrubs

As the name suggests, these come with cartoon characters printed on them. Many of these are printed with iconic cartoon characters from Disney, such as Tarzan, Cinderella, Lion King and Anastasia. These are usually put on in pediatrician’s offices by medical professionals and staffs. You can easily buy Disney branded scrubs from various stores. Many of these are used as doctor uniform in pediatric wards.

Animal Printed Scrubs

Such kinds of scrubs are printed with animal photos and images. You can generally find these being worn in veterinary clinics by vets, surgeons and medical staffs. These scrubs reassure people that their pets are going to be looked after with proper care. Some of these scrubs are designed to be unisex, and can be worn by both men and women. However, some are specifically designed for men and women, in order to provide each sex with maximum comfort all the while they are serving in a facility.

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