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3 Varieties of Nursing Uniforms Taking Over Scrub Wears

Medical facilities are growing in number and the rise in number of ailments is also witnessing a surge in the number of hospitals and medical care providing facilities. Medical uniforms are necessary at every step of care providing, and staffs as well as doctors have to dress themselves up in these outfits to ensure hygiene and safety while attending to patients. Read and know about medical scrubs uniforms and other types of dresses which are deemed as essential for medical professionals. If you have newly opened up a clothing store, it is a good idea to purchase these dresses. You can rest assured about making good profits from the sales of these dresses.

Lab coats

White lab coats have long been associated with doctors and medical researchers. These are worn over standard clothing, such as shirts, and can keep normal clothing protected from chemicals and stains. Other than keeping them warm and comfortable, lab coats allow patients and outsiders in medical facilities to easily distinguish doctors from normal medical staffs. Lab coats are needed in nursing homes, drug research facilities, hospitals and other medical organizations to keep outfits free of germs and dust.


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These gowns have been in use for a long time now, and are responsible for maintaining a safe and clean environment. Scrubs are available in a wide variety of colors, such as blue, yellow, and pink and green. These are used in surgical theaters, for dressing the eyes and for carrying out diagnostic tests like testing the function of the eye muscles. In operative processes and also while casting the limbs, these are needed. For trainees in the medical field, surgical scrubs are often required. Nurses scrub uniforms are readily available from online stores and wholesaler suppliers. Many department stores and retail outlets also have these types of outfits for buyers.


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Last but not the least surgical gloves are another important piece of medical outfit which is deemed as essential. While carrying out surgeries, handling samples of blood or urine or other body fluid and even while attending to medical instruments needed for patients, gloves are a must. Not only doctors but even medical staffs such as nurses need to wear them from time to time. Many of the gloves are disposable although reusable gloves are the norm these days in order to minimize wastage. In order to maintain safety and cleanliness in medical organizations, gloves are a must.

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