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Employee Uniforms And Branded Shirts: Common Issues And Solutions

Yes, corporate uniforms assist clients in establishing a sense of who a person is, how and where to obtain support, and yes, they aid in branding.


And, indeed, there are drawbacks. For example, the US Department of Labor has laws regarding employee uniforms in certain circumstances:

Employee uniforms that demand ironing, dry cleaning, everyday washing, commercial laundry, or other special treatment due to excessive soiling in job usage or to fulfill an employer’s cleanliness or aesthetic standards must be paid for uniform treatment.

The most common issues manufacturer encounter with uniforms are misplaced usefulness of the uniform and a false sense of fit and shape.

Employees’ custom daily clothes are the most prevalent

A polo or t-shirt with a corporate logo on it is the most accessible and ubiquitous uniform. These may be found everywhere, such as lawn care firms, retail establishments, restaurants, utility employees, and many other places. They can, however, be helpful as well. So, consider this:

  • Do you require their name to be on it? If you have many turnovers, this may get pricey unless you hire individuals with the same shirt size and name all the time. Some manufacturers can offer customized variable printing of names for screen printing or embroidery; however, keeping the name off might aid in reclaiming a uniform. A magnetic name tag is an excellent substitute for embroidered names.
  • Is it necessary for it to be bright? Warehouses and HR departments frequently require high-visibility apparel with luminous material, such as vests, coats, and caps. A uniforms manufacturer may easily attach corporate branding and logos to these goods.

Customer-facing staff, for example, may appear best in a conventional dark blue, white, black, or cream-colored shirt. However, a school may desire bright-colored shirts to be seen by students on a school field trip. All three of these scenarios are helpful, which influences the design and color choices.

  • Is it necessary for the shirt to last a long time? If your organization is holding a service project and you want everybody to have a shirt that they can be rough with and wear outside for the day, a plain tee would suffice. However, if your staff is going to be on duty five days a week, one polo will not suffice. If you don’t wash laundry day after day, they won’t either, so order a quantity corresponding to the work and frequency.

Business owners contact a reputed wholesale uniform manufacturer and talk to the design team about your client’s exact needs. You can send in a mail.


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