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Essential Traits of a Security Uniform That You Must Not Miss!

Security guards are assigned with the duty to protect and guard the civilians and workers of a definite place. They are always at a high risk position and a much expected authoritative position for everyone to respect. They are vigilant at all times and have to compromise and sacrifice a lot in order to ensure smooth function of security. The standards of vigilance are very much dependent upon the looks of the guard as well. So, one has to be very careful about choosing the right security uniform in order to present the guard in an appropriate manner.

Security guards are considered to be the staff of the given company or organization, and choosing the correct design for this position is crucial. The uniform needs to be very official and professional. This is important to facilitate instant recognition- which means that it can reassure the one who is in need of help and deter those who are looking for a scope to commit a crime. There are many gears that accompany the security uniform. A PPE kit is very much mandatory along with the security uniform as well, this would ensure that the guards and the workers of this position are safe and secure in terms of health hazards and otherwise. It prepares the person for any compromising position that they might face.


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 Having good security uniform means that the guard looks smart, formal, and that he or she equally is visible and protected. This reflects well on the employing agency and the recruiting company. Having all the guards in a clear and proper uniform ensures the security of the place and makes them a lot recognizable. This has a profound effect on the potential criminals and saves the crime from happening. They help them to stay distinguished from the crowd and thus remain and maintain the position of authority and respect. If you happen to be a business owner dealing in uniforms, contact a globally renowned security guard uniform manufacturer to have more insights into the available security designs that are currently in production in the industry. Accordingly, you can bulk order for freshening up your stock. Read on to this blog more to get more ideas into this spectrum!


What are The Uniform Options for Security Guards?

Having proper security in a place ensures peace of mind of the workers, civilians and the staff.

  1. Pilot shirts – These are the basic part and parcel of the security uniform. Attachable ties and epaulettes are easy and convenient to use with these shirts as well. These are available in many colors, more commonly yellow ochre, white, light blue, navy blue and black.


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2. Nato jumpers – These are very much crucial for the security guards during winters. These garments are pretty much identifiable with the position of a vigilant guard. They come with a V-neck style and ribbed cuffs. Portable epaulettes might be attached with these jumpers as well.


3. Office style trousers – Any formal office style trousers can be well suited as the bottoms of a security suit.


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4. Cargo trousers – Cargo trousers are very flexible and provide a lot of mobility to the person. They come in beige and yellow ochre colors in most cases.


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5. Epaulettes – These are signifiers of a security uniform. These can be attached with a Velcro or can be available along with the shirt. Generally different badges are pinned upon these pieces, but otherwise even the presence of these pieces of garment along with elbow patches of jumpers are identifiers of a proper security uniform.

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Three Factors to Assure in Each Uniform-

  1. High visibility – The uniform of the security guards must be authoritative and distinct in appearance. So, highly visible and a full reflective coats are necessary, especially if the guards are working outdoors.


2. Comfortable wear – Every uniform must be comfortable in all circumstances. There are jumpers available for the winters and cotton pilot shirts available for the winters. For special visibility, there are coats available as well like reflective waterproof storm coats and hi-vis jumpers.

3. Inconspicuous work – Bomber jackets are instrumental in carrying out inconspicuous jobs. This is mandatory to give off an official as well as being protected from external hazards.


Important Gears Required to Complete The Security Uniform

  1. Thermal hats and gloves – During winters, protective clothes must be worn to safeguard oneself from the extreme climatic conditions. Parts finger tradesman gloves come in very handy during winters and provide a lot of grip.


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2. Body armors – Body armors are a very important part of the security uniform. More risky a place of work for the guard, more well-sort must be the uniform. Body armor carrier vests are worn along with body armor plates for maximum protection.


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3. Comfortable wear – These are the most important gears of them all. A proper set of footwear must be very comfortable, sturdy along with extensive grip and a proper structure.


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Guards working in high-risk places are very susceptible to different kinds of crime depending upon the place and area of work. For example, a guard working for ATMs is exposed to theft and robbery, and likewise. If you are someone who is looking to order the best kind of designed and quality security suits wholesale, you must go through the catalog and the range of designs. You can be sure to be satisfied with the service and the whole set of uniforms. The best bulk seller and security guard uniforms manufacturers put in all of their effort in ensuring proper looks of the security suit, so that the entire outfit has a significant mark upon everyone.

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