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Everything About Medical Scrubs: What You May Not Know!

Whether you think of a hospital, dental, or physio practice, uniforms are of the utmost importance in the healthcare industry. Medical scrubs in particular are an essential component in offering adequate healthcare. They not only make the job of medical professionals easier but also protect them from contaminants.

Medical scrubs comprise a loose-fitting top and comfortable elasticated or drawstring scrub pants. Uniform manufacturers make sure that they are comfortable and easy to clean.

There is a lot to know about medical scrubs. To have detailed information on every aspect of these vital uniforms, keep reading!

What Led To Their Use?

In the 20th C, medical scrubs began to be used when the profession finally began to see the significance of a clean environment for medical care.

There was a time when surgeons used to perform surgeries in daily clothes with an apron or cover to keep their clothes clean. Doctors began to wear masks during the flu pandemic of 1918. However, it was for their protection. Awareness of wound infection and the need to have a sanitary operating room led to the first use of medical scrubs.

Did You Know That The First Medical Scrubs Were Drapes Or Gowns?

To demonstrate cleanliness, these scrubs back then were crafted with a white material. But as the vibrant white fabric of the scrubs in the white ORs began to strain the eyes of the medical staff, eventually, they came to be made in shades such as yellow, pink, green, and blue. Whenever in a clean environment, now a majority of medical staff need to wear medical scrubs.

Significance Of Medical Scrubs

The role of medical scrubs in a facility is of great importance.

Healthcare professionals have some of the most physically straining jobs. They are expected to lift patients, work for long hours, and stand on their feet throughout their shifts or move around the facility for hours. Quality medical scrubs can offer optimum comfort to perform their jobs efficiently.

Cross-contamination can be a huge issue. Scrubs that are made with the utmost care by a renowned uniform maker can prevent the spread of possibly contagious viruses and infections.

Most medical scrubs are mainly constructed for cost efficiency and maximum use. They are crafted out of top-quality material that is not only affordable but can bear even the most thorough cleaning procedure.

Top-notch medical scrubs are crafted of materials thick enough to prevent the bodily fluids of a patient from making direct contact with the skin of the wearer.

The Best Materials For Medical Scrubs

Spandex Scrubs Spandex is the no. 1 option when it comes to a comfortable scrub that can move with you on your hectic days. This synthetic fabric, known for its flexibility and stretch, is breathable and lightweight as well. Wearing spandex scrubs, a medical professional is less likely to trigger a patient’s allergies than natural materials.

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Cotton Scrubs- Because of its breathable, soft, and absorbent nature, cotton is a popular choice. They are great for working in warmer weather and for doctors and nurses who spend a lot of their day running around, taking care of the patients, and doing other jobs. Such scrubs wick sweat and keep the body dry and comfortable.

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Polyester Scrubs- Easy to care for and durable, polyester is another cool choice for scrubs. Polyester scrubs are wrinkle-resistant and are great if you are looking for scrubs with a sharper appearance. The hydrophobic qualities of the material are a good choice if you are someone working with contagious diseases and bodily fluids. These scrubs are easier to clean and sanitize afterward.

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Rayon Scrubs- Crafted from cellulose, rayon is a synthetic material. As it’s absorbent and lightweight, it’s perfect for summertime scrubs. Rayon is hypoallergenic, unlike certain natural fabrics. It also comes at a more reasonable price than most natural materials while maintaining the same amount of absorbency and breathability.

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Medical Scrub Colors And Their Meanings

White: White is a traditionally-donned color and it symbolizes purity and cleanliness. However, it fell out of fashion as it’s difficult to clean.

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Brown: Brown gives off down-to-earth, neutral vibes. They are like the khakis of the scrub world.

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Black: Black is a pretty elegant choice. It can make you look very formal and professional in your place of work.

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Purple: Purple is a popular choice for medical staff who work with children.purple medical scrub supplier

Blue: Evoking feelings of dependability and trust, blue is one of the most common scrub colors.

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Yellow: Strongly connected to warmth and happiness, this color brings a cheery vibe to your colleagues and patients.

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Teal: As it evokes feelings of healing and peace, this color is highly appropriate in a medical setting.

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Different Kinds Of Medical Scrubs

There are different types of medical scrubs available in the market.

Surgical Scrubs

Surgical scrubs are scrubs that are specifically designed for surgeries within the operating rooms. During operations, as surgeons often come in direct contact with fluids and chemicals, surgical scrubs need to be sterilized. The surgical uniform comprises a scrub shirt, scrub pants, and a disposable gown to be worn on top of them.

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Nurse Scrubs

Nurse scrubs these days let nurses move freely and comfortably. They consist of a scrub top and scrub pants. Though the style may be similar for men and women, the fit differs based on the body shape. The nursing scrubs can be relaxed, flexible, and extremely comfortable. They are specially designed to be practical and can do well in fast-paced, busy environments that need constant activity and movement.

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Women’s Nursing Scrubs

Women’s nursing scrubs differ from other types of scrubs as the silhouettes are cut differently for ladies around the waist. Coming with a flattering fit, large pockets, and feminine colors, they are crafted to suit female nurses. The scrub pants appear more sophisticated and professional as they are more baggy and less fitted.

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Men’s Nursing Scrubs

Men’s nursing scrubs are constructed with comfort in mind. They are different in their durability, masculine and form-fitting styling, coloring, and placement of pockets and zippers. One can lift their arms in them easily without feeling limited.

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The Most Recent Trends In Medical Scrub Designs

Are you all set to know about the most recent trends in medical scrub designs? Have a look at the list below:

  1. While conventional scrubs display loose-fitting, formless apparel, modern cuts offer a more customized, appealing fit. Scrubs for women now frequently display tapered pants, slimmer shapes, and feminine features. Such a leading-edge approach to scrub design improves both confidence and visual appeal in healthcare professionals.
  2. Physically demanding and long shifts are common for healthcare workers and as a result of this, athletic-inspired scrub designs have grown in popularity. They come with features like comfortable stitching, sweat-wicking capabilities, and breathable panels.
  3. In the era of increased infection control, antimicrobial scrubs have become more popular. Antimicrobial treatments applied to the material of the scrubs help in preventing the growth of bacteria.
  4. Scrub design includes technology more and more. They come with new-edge features such as secret pockets for electronics and wiring for earbuds.
  5. Healthcare professionals now have a broad range of color options to pick from, including ocean blues and pastel pinks.

What To Do To Keep Your Medical Scrubs Looking Great For Longer

Memorize the tips given below:

  • Read the care label. The instructions provide you with precise information on how to care for and wash your scrubs.
  • To preserve the longevity of the material and the color integrity, it’s essential to turn your garments inside out before washing them.
  • Never let the stains sit on the scrubs for a long time. To prevent them from setting in permanently into the scrubs, use a wet cloth or alcohol wipes.
  • Wash the medical scrubs separately. To clean them, never use hydrogen peroxide and chlorine bleach. It will result in the fading of the clothes. Just go for a regular detergent.
  • Even if your scrubs look neatly tidy and pressed, don’t skip the hot iron. Heat-pressing them after washing can help eliminate bacteria that might still be clinging to your clothes.
  • It’s better if you wear your scrubs only during working hours. Consider getting into your regular clothes before leaving the unit. Store the sterile clothing carefully before leaving.

What To Expect In Medical Clothing In 2024?

There will be the inclusion of practical design elements into medical clothing. A rise in ergonomically designed medical apparel that combines comfort and utility is largely anticipated this year.

By the end of this year, you can expect a major increase in the use of recyclable, ethically sourced fabrics for generating scrubs and other medical clothing pieces.

Technological advancements have already begun in the medical uniform industry. You can see a rise in smart clothing by the end of 2024 such as apparel embedded with sensors for vital signs tracking.

Closing Words

Medical uniforms such as scrubs, lab coats, and more are no longer confined to being merely practical uniforms but they are on their way to becoming the perfect blend of technological upgrades, functional designs, and sustainable materials.


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