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How To Choose The Perfect Nurse’s Uniform Depending Upon The Professional Role?

The nurse’s role is not just limited to attending the patients and taking care of them. There are other roles that nurses are involved with which indirectly affects the type of uniform that they wear. Hence, before making any choices you should be aware of the wide professional base of qualified nurse’s. One of the popular nursing scrub manufacturers have come up with quality approved catalog for bulk retail sale. Please check out the virtual store to make your investments.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical specialists are expert nurses with a background in a particular area, for example bowel cancer. They provide information, practical and emotional support and act as your key worker throughout your treatment. For this role look for uniforms in darker shades like deep green, dark blue, etc.


They provide clinical leadership across a group of wards with a highly visible and authoritative presence. They are responsible for ensuring the highest quality care. Matrons mostly wear white uniforms with red piping.

Staff Nurse

Staff nurse make up the majority of any ward/unit team. These registered nurses are responsible and accountable for patient care. They work closely with the wider clinical team and supervise the non-registered workforce. Regarding this role choose uniforms in sage green or pastel blue which is comfortable to wear and easily distinguishable.

Healthcare Support Worker

Healthcare support workers work closely with and are supervised by staff nurses. They provide direct patient care by undertaking tasks and elements of patient care such as recording vital signs, helping patients eat or wash, or taking bloods. They mostly wear a white uniform with brown or yellow piping.

Research Nurse

Research nurses help run clinical trials. They provide information and support and act as a central point of contact to patients involved in trials. Since they have an equally important role to play however not actively involved in patient care, look for clothing in charcoal grey or moss green.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Highly experienced nurses with additional responsibilities in the clinical environment. Their extra training and high level of knowledge means they can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications as appropriate to their specialty. Colors like ivory white, pink or even light blue is suitable.

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