The Myriad Benefits of School Uniforms

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Most school students wear uniforms because they are bound by the uniform dress code of their schools. It’s only much later in life that they realize the importance of the most essential clothing that they wore during the most formative years of their lives. Uniforms serve more purposes than they get credit for and among all institutions that they have been used in, through the course of history, schools are the most important. Here are some of the key benefits of school uniforms which ensure that most schools around the world aren’t going to ditch the a uniform dress code for their students anytime.

1. Ensures Equality

Perhaps the most integral function of a public school is to ensure all students, regardless of their socio-economic conditions, religious or ethnic background, are given equal chances for development. Uniforms ensure this as it’s impossible to tell the background of a student when they are in a uniform. It’s importance can’t be stressed enough especially in the polarizing times that we will live in, where religious and ethnic backgrounds are the reason for never-ending conflicts. All students feel in their uniforms, which may not be the case when their backgrounds are compared and that’s exactly why a uniform is sacrosanct in a school. There are lesser chances of bullying and ragging in schools which have uniform dress codes as opposed to the schools that don’t.

2. Economical for Parents

Though this aspect doesn’t apply to all, but for parents’ who are braving financial struggles to put their children through school, this is a crucial aspect. School uniforms are relatively cheap since they are procured in bulk mostly by the schools from school uniform manufacturer for girls or boys and sold on demand. When schools have uniform dress codes, there’s no inclination among children to out-do their peers in wearing the best to school or the need to live up to a certain peer-pressure. Most parents who are well-to-do don’t realize this before their kids’ go off to college, when the fashion needs of the kids’ starts draining the finances of the parents. Two pairs of a uniform can easily last a year and even more, and changes are only required when children grow and the old clothes don’t fit them anymore.

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3. Source of Identity

This point has many layers and needs to be understood for what it’s worth. Children get a sense of identity with the school by wearing uniforms and as wisdom kicks, they realize they represent the school. It results in being on their best behavior for many, even when they are not on the school premises and brings in a sense of discipline to the kids. Especially boys who are expected to be more notorious and rebellious in their adolescent years than the girls, feel a sense of responsibility when wearing uniforms sourced from school uniform manufacturer for boys.Students are easier to identify on school trips, thereby minimizing chances of someone getting lost. Uniforms have more benefits that they get credit for and it’s an absolutely nonsensical notion to support the argument of schools banning uniforms and letting the kids choose what they want to wear instead.


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